Predictive Insight. Earlier Intervention. Better Outcomes.


Flashback Technologies is proud to introduce the Compensatory Reserve Index (CRI), a revolutionary vital sign monitoring technology.

Innate compensatory mechanisms allow standard vital signs to remain stable during central volume loss (due to hemorrhage or severe dehydration) until the patient suddenly and oftentimes unexpectedly experiences cardiovascular collapse, when resuscitative therapy is less effective and more difficult to control.

Our non-invasive, easy-to-use vital sign monitor trends changes in intravascular volume and estimates an individual’s tolerance to additional volume loss before collapse. Compared to traditional vital signs, CRI provides early insight that enables intervention that can reduce costs, improve outcomes and save lives.

A noninvasive, reusable monitoring device that can identify hemorrhagic shock in the field before traditional vital signs is just what our prehospital and combat professionals need. It will save lives.
— Craig Manifold, Chief Medical Officer and Medical Director, EMS Agencies of South Texas.