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The CipherOx ® CRI M1
A New Vital Sign Monitor
For Hemodynamic Status


The M1 is a real-time, easy to use CRI monitor that provides insights into intravascular volume loss well in advance of changes in traditional vital signs (HR, ECG, BP, SpO2 and SV).

Developed in partnership with the US Army, the CipherOx® CRI M1 is a lightweight, field-ready monitor developed with combat medics, EMTs and other first responders in mind. The M1 meets an important preventative clinical need, providing real time information on a patient’s blood loss and indication of how close the patient is to collapse due to volume loss from hemorrhage and/or dehydration.

Powered by Flashback’s proprietary CRI technology, the M1 is FDA cleared for pre-hospital and hospital monitoring.

How the M1 Works

A Prescription Medical Device, the M1 is approved for hospital & pre-hospital use. 

For additional information on CRI in hemorrhage & trauma
see the literature on CRI clinical studies