Flashback CRI™ 

The Compensatory Reserve Index (CRI™) is a proprietary technology of Flashback Technologies Inc. (Louisville, CO). CRI is the first application to emerge from Flashback's  CipherSensor™ data analytics platform.  CRI trends a patient’s intravascular volume, relative to the individual patient’s response to hypovolemia. 

  • Standard vital signs do not deteriorate with hemorrhage until the patient is near collapse, due to a variety of compensatory mechanisms
  • The Compensatory Reserve Index (CRI™) is a new, simple to use, real-time parameter that provides a unique window into human hemodynamics
  • CRI measures an individual’s ability to compensate for additional intravascular volume loss, from normovolemia to hypovolemia to cardiovascular (CV)  collapse 
      • Enables early detection and monitoring of hemorrhage on a single scale (1-0) for all patients
      • The CRI Fuel gauge
  • CRI can be calculated from simple, well established sensor technologies that capture the pulsatile component of the cardiac cycle
  • CRI is the first in a new class of CV status indicators cleared by the FDA

To date Flashback’s CRI monitor has been validated a range of clinical studies in simulated hemorrhage (lower body negative pressure (LBNP)), low (<500ml) and moderate (~20% total blood volume) controlled blood draws and several clinical studies in trauma. 

For additional information on CRI in hemorrhage and trauma see the literature on CRI clinical studies.

Flashback has received U.S. FDA clearance to market the first device containing the Compensatory Reserve Index (CRI™) algorithm. Flashback’s first CRI product, the CipherOx CRI™ M1, is now available for purchase! Visit http://www.flashbacktechnologies.com/sales/M1order for a quote.

CipherOX CRI M1