CipherOx CRI™ M1

The Flashback CipherOx® CRI M1 is now available for purchase!

Flashback’s proprietary CRI technology is embodied in the lightweight, handheld CipherOx CRI™ M1, U.S. FDA cleared for prehospital and hospital monitoring of the individual patient’s response to hypovolemia.

  • Initial CRI value within a few seconds, followed by continuous monitoring of an individual’s tolerance to volume loss.
  • CRI values between 1 and 0 indicate the proportion of additional volume loss a patient can tolerate before the onset of decompensation
  • Enables early detection and monitoring of hemorrhage on a single scale (1-0) for all patients.
    • 1: Normovolemia (“full tank")
    • 0: Hypovolemia/ decompensation (“empty tank")
  • More effective than standard vital signs at detecting and monitoring hemorrhage.

  • M1 Features

    The CipherOx CRI M1 was developed with EMT’s and Medics in mind.

    •  Easy to read and interpret display shows HR, SpO2, CRI, CRI-”gas gauge” and 20 min CRI trend graph.

    • Lightweight, hand-held form factor.

    • No setup or calibration required: just power on with a single button press, and connect finger sensor.

    • Visible in daylight and low light.
      •  3 brightness settings controlled by mode button.

    • Battery powered with readily available replaceable (1.5V AA) batteries.
      •  More than 8 hour alkaline battery life.
    • IP33 ingress protection.
    • Approved for hospital and pre-hospital use.
    • Prescription Medical Device.

    For additional information on CRI in hemorrhage and trauma see the literature on CRI clinical studies.

     Download the M1 Brochure.

    Flashback’s CipherOx CRI™ M1, is now available for purchase! Visit for a quote.