Company Overview:
  • Founded by Steve Moulton MD and Greg Grudic PhD to leverage advanced AI technologies and pursue Big Data problems in medicine
  • Goal: apply Flashback’s proprietary data analytics platform and deep expertise to the noisy, high volume datasets inherent in medical monitoring, to provide greater insight and improve outcomes
  • First Product: Compensatory Reserve Index (CRI): a new, FDA cleared, real-time, non-invasive “precision vital sign” that detects and trends the individual’s response to blood loss
  • Military market: CRI developed for the military and funded by $9.5 mm in nondilutive grants. Expected first market for Flashback CRI devices and driver for adoption by KOL’s
  • Technology: CipherSensor Analytics platform successfully applied to problems ranging from autonomous robots to advanced medical monitoring
  • Growing patent portfolio in analytics and monitoring technologies
  • Sensors everywhere: the explosion of sensors in healthcare and in everyday life will provide opportunities for new Flashback precision monitors in medicine as well as health, performance and wellness