Flashback announces "Individual-Specific, Beat-to-beat Trending of Significant Human Blood Loss


Boulder, CO - Flashback Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce the publication of Individual-Specific, Beat-to-beat Trending of Significant Human Blood Loss: The Compensatory Reserve in the Journal of Shock. The study compares the CRI algorithm with a number of other monitoring values including systolic/diastolic/mean arterial blood pressures, stroke volume, cardiac output, and SpO2 in subjects (n=20) undergoing a controlled blood loss of approximately 1.2 liters, In this study CRI demonstrated significantly greater AUC ROC than the other parameters at 0.90, sensitivity of 0.80 and the highest specificity at 0.76 in relation to detecting the controlled hemorrhage. The abstract is available via the link above.

About Flashback Technologies, Inc.

Flashback Technologies, Inc. is developing a novel proprietary machine-learning software platform called CipherSensor™. Our CipherSensor computational engine has the potential to provide groundbreaking, predictive data analytical solutions across a variety of industries where making sense of the growing volumes of industry-specific data is an increasing challenge in assuring optimal quality processes, productivity and outcomes. Flashback is currently focused on developing its CipherSensor technology to address unmet needs in several medical fields where clinical decision making is often compromised due to ineffective processing of very large volumes of data during the diagnosis and treatment process. The Compensatory Reserve Index (CRI™) algorithm is the first parameter to emerge from these efforts.

 The CRI™ algorithm is not for sale - Pending 510(k) Clearance