About Us

Flashback Technologies, Inc. is developing a novel proprietary machine-learning software platform called CipherSensor™. Our CipherSensor computational engine has the potential to provide groundbreaking, predictive data analytical solutions across a variety of industries where making sense of the growing volumes of industry-specific data is an increasing challenge in assuring optimal quality processes, productivity and outcomes. 

Initial Market - Non-invasive Medical Monitoring

The Company is currently focused on developing its CipherSensor technology to address unmet needs in several medical fields where clinical decision making is often compromised due to ineffective processing of very large volumes of data during the diagnosis and treatment process. These applications will prove most beneficial in trauma and critical care settings whether at the scene of an accident, en route to the hospital, in the emergency room, in the operating room or in the critical care suite.  With the utilization of Flashback’s CipherSensor technology on the military battlefield and in a significant portion of the 40+ million emergency visits to US hospital EDs annually, the company believes it can help save many of the 180,000 lives lost due to injury in the US alone, while also helping to reduce the $80 billion in costs associated with trauma-related patient care. Flashback is exploring a variety of other applications of its CipherSensor technology platform both in medical and non-medical fields and intends to pursue a select number of these opportunities in the future.